International PhD Fellowship Gene Regulation by RNA modifications


Applications are invited from candidates interested in a PhD fellowship to study gene regulation by RNA modifications. This fellowship is funded by the IDEX initiative of University of Grenoble to promote international collaborations.

The N6-methyladenosine (m6A) mark is an abundant internal modification on RNAs and this is highly conserved from yeast to plants and animals. RNA methyltransferases ‘write’ this mark on transcripts, and this can be ‘erased’ by demethylases, making it a dynamic regulatory modification. Proteins that can recognize the mark ‘read’ this signal on messages to impact RNA stability, translation, splicing and export. This project aims to use Drosophila as the main model to investigate the in vivo relevance of this mark in physiological processes. This interdisciplinary project will also make use of protein biochemistry, cell biology and computational methods.

One unique aspect of this 3-year PhD project is its strong international dimension. It will be a collaboration between the labs of Dr. Marie-Odile Fauvarque (University of Grenoble) and Dr. Ramesh Pillai (University of Geneva). The student will enrol for PhD at the University of Grenoble, France.

Highly motivated students who have recently completed their Masters in Biology or related areas, are invited to apply. Candidates with prior experience in working with Drosophila as a model are particularly encouraged. Applications should contain a brief motivation statement (300 words max) and a CV.

For more information on research in the two participating laboratories, please visit: (collaborating lab)

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