The FY 2015 JSPS Fellowship for Japanese Biomedical and Behavioral Researchers at NIH (“KAITOKU-NIH”)


◆ Scope and Purpose of the Program

This program is offered at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), in cooperation with the NIH’s Fogarty International Center (FIC), and the NIH Office of Intramural Research. It is designed to support meritorious biomedical and behavioral research projects undertaken in NIH laboratories by young Japanese postdoctoral researchers who intend to hold research positions at Japanese universities or other academic institutions or public institutions in Japan in the future.

1. Number of Fellowships awarded annually
Approximately 15 Fellowships, but possibly fewer depending on application quality and funding availability.

2. Duration and commencement of Fellowship
Duration: 2 years
Fellowships must begin ON January 1, February 1, or March 1, 2016.

6. Deadlines and selection procedures
Friday, May 29, 2015 by 5:00 PM EDT: Deadline for receipt of original applications to FIC (in both Japanese and English)




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