The Board of RNAJ in 2016-2017 and RNA2016 in Kyoto

In mid-April 2016, huge earthquakes occurred sequentially in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures. They were so powerful and destructive. Many houses and buildings in cities and towns around the areas, and also buildings on the campuses of Kumamoto University and other institutions were severely damaged. In the laboratories, equipment, books, beakers, and bottles were ruined, and inevitably many research laboratories became out of order. Around that time, the meeting committee of RNA2016 (where I was a member) was in the middle of selecting 170 oral abstracts from ~400 submissions to finalize the session & workshop schedule. The oral abstracts we received included those from in the Kyushu area. This fact prompted the RNAJ Board members to propose an idea of financially supporting the abstract submitters and others as well. We then immediately circulated emails among us and discussed the possibility. The response from each executive was so quick and positive that the proposal was approved shortly without problems. For this, I would like to thank the members for their kindness and willingness. Also, I would like to thank all the members of the RNAJ for their endorsement on this proposal at the general meeting held in Kyoto in July.

In early May, preparation for RNA2016 had been reaching to its peak and my tension had also been increasing. The members of organizers were geographically distributed on the globe (two each in the US, EU, and Japan), which was I must say a quite nice arrangement. However, the time lag was a bit of our problem. Every morning, my incoming email box was filled with questions and problems. To take care of them, I needed to devote most of my daytime. In the evening, my incoming email box again started to be filled with emails from the committee members, attendees, chairs and others locating on the other side of the earth. To respond to them, I needed to devote my nighttime mostly. This hectic situation lasted more or less till RNA2016 started on June 28. Because of this, “Message from the President” to announce inauguration of the new Board members of RNAJ was postposed till today. The next message in 2017 would hopefully appear in a more timely fashion.

On July 2, RNA2016 was over. During the meeting, discussion was performed quite lively with 1,200 attendees, 170 oral presentations, and nearly 700 poster presentations. On the last day of the meeting, banquet was very well attended. Dance by maikos and geikos and samurai performance were very well received, and Jazztronik DJ performance was wonderful and perfect about which so many people were enthusiastic. The whole meeting could not be so successful without kind help and support from all the members of the RNA Society and RNAJ, sponsors, JCS and Simple Meetings the meeting secretariats, and so on. I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful team work and presentation.

July, 2016

President of The RNA Society of Japan
Mikiko C. Siomi

About the Society

The RNA Society of Japan is a non-profit scientific society with our members sharing an interest in research on the biology of RNA and its underlying role in various biological events. The RNA Society of Japan membership covers a wide range of disciplines in both basic and applied fields of the life sciences, embracing molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, medicine, agriculture, pharmaceutical sciences, and biotechnology. As a Society, we aim to promote and advance the scientific study of RNA biology and function. This is achieved by hosting regular meetings that bring together scientists in the RNA field, by actively supporting young scientists in their research and career development, and by increasing general awareness of the importance of RNA research. Through these activities, we play an important role in creating a positive atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and expertise, contributing to an accelerated rate of new scientific discovery and technology development that benefits society as a whole.

The RNA Society of Japan was established in 1999 and since then has been very active in promoting interaction among scientists with a thrust to interdisciplinary research and the fostering of young scientists. Scientific discoveries by Society members have played a significant role in advancing our understanding of RNA-related phenomena and continue to stimulate further RNA research both within Japan and overseas. Building upon the strong foundations established by founding and current Society members, we strive to increase the profile of RNA-related discoveries and support greater international exchange for the benefit of RNA researchers in Japan and scientific advancement in general.

Prospectus of the Society (June 1999)

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