The RNA Society of Japan

2021.04.14Notice: Due to a system issue on the PayPal side, there may be a delay of about two hours after payment completion before your membership status is activated.

Welcome to the RNA Society of Japan

Categories, Fees and Benefits of the Memberships

Categories Joining Fees Annual Fees Payment Methods
Full Members Regular 1,000 JPY 6,500 JPY Credit Card or Bank Transfer
Student 1,000 JPY 2,000 JPY Credit Card or Bank Transfer
Supporting Members None 30,000 JPY per Unit Bank Transfer
  • Full Members can present their research in the Annual Meetings.
  • Full Members can attend the Annual Meetings with discounted registration fees.
  • Student Members shall submit their student identification information.
  • Full Members and Supporting Members can receive News Alerts, access the Members Directory and apply for Meeting Support.
  • Regular Members and Supporting Members can submit new items to this website.
  • Supporting Members can present a banner advertisement in the top page of this website. One person per subscription unit can attend the Annual Meetings for free.
  • The fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

Procedures for Joining

  1. Press "Joing Our Society" below
  2. Select a Membership Category.
  3. Create your User Account by entering your User Name, E-Mail Address and Password
    Note: User Name will be fixed and open to public. You can change your E-Mail Address and Password afterwards by yourself.
  4. Select the Payment Method and follow the instruction.
  5. By Credit Card, your membership status will be activated immediately.
    By Bank Transfer, your membership status will be activated in about one week.
  6. Log In with your User Name or E-Mail Address and Password, and enter the information for "My Profile."

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