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Postdoctoral position – Towards deciphering mechanisms of transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation in eukaryotic cells 

The research group of Prof. Ramesh Pillai is inviting applications to fill two fully-funded PhD student and one postdoctoral researcher positions. The group is part of the Department of Molecular Biology at University of Geneva, where the research interests range from studies on DNA replication, organization of centromeres to chromatin biology and structural biology.

Multiple postdoctoral researcher positions are available in the lab of Dr. Yohei Kirino at Computational Medicine Center (CMC)/Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Thomas Jefferson University (TJU). We study the biogenesis pathway and function of small non-coding RNAs in the pathogenesis of various human diseases such as breast/prostate cancers and asthma (e.g., hormone-dependent tRNA-derived RNAs: PNAS 2015) by utilizing originally-developed RNA sequencing/quantification methods (e.g., cP-RNA-seq: Nat Protoc 2016; Dumbbell-PCR: NAR 2015; FL-PCR: RNA Biol 2015).

Two postdoctoral positions are available early 2017 in the laboratory of Lidia Vasiljeva funded by Senior Research Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, which is a part of the University of Oxford’s thriving scientific community. The laboratory is located in a new building providing interactive environment and various state-of-the-art research facilities.

Research fellow (postdoc) positions are available at the Laboratory of Molecular Neurodegeneration in the Department of Physiology of the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at National University of Singapore (NUS). Work at the laboratory focuses on understanding the pathogenic mechanisms underlying adult-onset neurodegenerative diseases by constructing in vitro and in vivo models followed by a multidisciplinary approach combining genomic quantitative analysis, molecular and cellular studieswith the goal of harnessing anti-aging potential to understand and combat adult-onset neurodegenerative diseases. 


A Postdoctoral Researcher Position is open in the Xie lab at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cancer Center, School of Medicine, University of Florida, FL. The research topics include "Function and biogenesis of alternatively-processed microRNAs" and "Integrator complex-mediated RNA processing and gene regulation".

The Bazzini lab at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research has two openings for postdoctoral researchers to address fundamental questions in biology related to how genes are regulated and how that regulation controls vertebrate development.

A Post-Doctoral Position is open in the Maquat lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. Applicants should hold a PhD or MD/PhD degree(s) and have expertise in molecular, cellular or structural biology to study one of a number of on-going projects, including but not limited to microRNA decay, FMRP function in Fragile X Mental Retardation, enhancer RNA function, RNP structure, and post-transcriptional regulatory steps mediated by SINE-containing lncRNAs. A background in computational biology is a plus but not required.

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