Call for Nominations for JST Strategic Basic Research Program ERATO Research Director Candidates

Sep 07, 2017

Strategic Basic Research Programs are JST programs for top-down promotion of directed basic research in strategic, prioritized fields of science and technology to achieve national policy objectives, and their purpose is to stimulate future innovation in science and technology, and create new technologies to meet social and industrial needs.
ERATO, one of the Strategic Basic Research Program, aims to form a headstream of science and technology, and ultimately contribute to science, technology, and innovation that will change society and the economy in the future. In ERATO, a Research Director, a principal investigator of ERATO research project, establishes a new research base in Japan and recruits young researchers to implement his or her challenging research project within a limited time frame.
Here, JST seeks nominations of ERATO Research Director candidates who can lead next ERATO projects (see Website). Please read through the Guideline for Nominators or information described below. We hope that outstanding and competitive researchers will be nominated from research communities.

  • JST accepts ONLY FIVE (5) nominations from any one nominator.
  • JST accepts e-mail nominations throughout the year.
  • All nominations received by 12:00 (noon) on November 30, 2017 (Thu.) will be considered as ERATO Research Director candidates for the FY2018 ERATO selection.

<Submission Procedures>
Prepare and complete an e-mail nomination.
Step 1: Download the nomination form for ERATO Research Director candidates.
Nomination form for ERATO RDs (doc)
Nomination form for ERATO RDs (docx)
Step 2: Provide all the requested information, including contact information for the nominator.
Step 3: Send the completed form to
erato-suisen[at] *Please change [at] to @.
* JST would very much appreciate it if you could place “ERATO nomination form attached” in the subject line of the e-mail.

<Important Information for Nominators>
Once the nomination form is received, revision will not be permitted under any circumstances.
All the information provided in the nomination form is considered to be confidential and this information is used solely for the purposes of this ERATO selection.
The nomination form submitted will not be returned.
If a nominator submits six (6) or more nominees, all the nominations will be invalid.

<Eligibility for Nominators>
Important Note; Self nominations for ERATO Research Directors are NOT acceptable.
Any individual with research & development (R&D) experience as an employee at a university, public research institute, or R&D section of a private sector firm is eligible to submit nominations. Please note that JST accepts ONLY FIVE (5) nominations from any one nominator.
※Nomination forms submitted are not returned.
※Nomination forms are not directly disclosed to the nominees and external experts for the selection of ERATO Research Directors.

<Eligibility for Nominees (Criteria for ERATO Research Director Candidates)>
Before submitting nominations, please consider whether each nominee meets the following criteria for ERATO Research Directors.
The nominee should be an outstanding and competent scientist who is qualified to lead an ERATO Project.
- Is the nominee an ambitious researcher who can address unique and original research with global foresight and become a pioneer to lead innovative changes in the world?
- Does the nominee have his or her own philosophy and a long-term vision for the research Is he or she capable of getting things done for innovation?
The nominee should be capable of leadership and be a person who can inspire young scientists.
- Is the nominee capable of leadership and willing to integrate expertise in a wide range of research fields into an ERATO project?
- Does the nominee motivate young researchers with enthusiasm and have them give full scope to their talents and responsibilities?
For more information on completed and ongoing ERATO projects, please refer to the following web pages.
- List of Completed Research Projects
- List of Ongoing Research Projects

<Selection Criteria>
Research Directors should be able to fulfill the role of Research Director and meet the criteria for Research Director.
In addition, the following criteria will be taken into account in reviewing the research proposals submitted by Research Director candidates.
- The Research Project should bring about a new phase of science and technology or create a new tide of the times in Science and Technology.
- The Research Project should be appropriate for one of the Strategic Objectives.
- The Research Project should be properly planned in terms of composition of researchers and other staff, methodology, budget scale, etc.

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Department of Research Projects, ERATO
K’s Goban-cho Bldg., 7 Goban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0076
Tel: 03-3512-3528 Fax: 03-3222-2068
E-mail: erato-suisen[at] *Please change [at] to @.

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