Payment Procedure FAQs

What should I do when I can’t login?

If you already have an account, restart your browser and try logging in again. You can also use registered e-mail address for the username. If you forgot your password, select “Forgot your password?” under the “Login” tab, and reset your password by following the instructions. Your e-mail address and username is necessary to reset the password. If you forgot your username, select “Forgot your username?” under the “Login” tab, and follow the instructions. If you still can’t login, please contact us by using inquiry form.

How is credit card payment made?

We use external authentication by PayPal online payments system. PayPal is global payment service with guaranteed safety. Credit card number will not be transferred to the Society. We recommend using credit card for the payment of membership fee.

Do I need to register for a PayPal account to pay by credit card?

▶︎ If you pay for the annual membership fee each year, you normally do not need to create a PayPal account. When you are directed to the authentication screen of PayPal from the payment screen, you can proceed to the billing and credit card information input screen by selecting "Pay with credit card" at the bottom right of the "Select payment method" screen. ※Occasionally, "Create PayPal account" appears instead of "Pay with credit card". PayPal randomly switches this for the security reasons, and this is beyond control of the Society. If "Create PayPal account" happens to appear, please create your account. It would be easier to pay by PayPal from next time on by making an account.
▶︎ If you are registering for "Regular Membership (automatic payment)", you need to create PayPal account and enter your credit card information during the registration process.

Will I get charged for a fee to pay by credit card?

▶︎ No, if you are paying by credit card, the Society will pay for the fee. We recommend paying by credit card, since your membership status will become valid immediately.
▶︎ In case of bank transfer, the member will be charged for transfer fee.

Where can I get a receipt?

▶︎ In case of paying by credit card, two automatic e-mails will be delivered upon payment: "Payment to The RNA Society of Japan" and "RNAJ: Membership Status Activated". These e-mails can substitute for a receipt. If you need the breakdown for "Regular membership and Joining Fee" or "Student membership and Joining Fee" payment, please refer to “Welcome to the RNA Society of Japan” screen or “Select a Membership Category” screen (please logout before you access these screens).
▶︎ In case of paying by bank transfer, we do not issue a receipt. The payment amount is described in the “RNAJ: Membership Status Activated” e-mail, which will be sent upon payment.
▶︎ For supporting members, invoice and receipt will be issued upon request. Please contact us from inquiry form.

What should I do if I want the others to make the payment for me?

▶︎ In case of the payment by credit card, credit card information will not be transferred to the Society. Since only the name and the address entered as the “billing information” in PayPal authentication screen will be provided to the Society, the others can make the payment for you as log as your name and address is entered in the “billing information”.
▶︎ In case of the payment by bank transfer, the Society will check the payment based on the name of transferrer. If the transfer is made from someone else’s bank account, please be sure that name of transferrer is the member’s name. ※Be especially careful if your institute is making the payment for you. If we can’t specify the member from the name of transferrer, your membership status will not be activated.

Two weeks have passed since I went through the bank transfer procedure, but I haven’t made the payment yet.

The bank transfer procedure will be canceled if you do not make the payment in two weeks, and the record in the “Payment history” screen will be deleted. Please go through the procedure again in that case. ※Be especially careful if your institute is making the payment for you. There are cases when bank transfer procedure expires before your institute is making the payment. In that case, please check with your institute the bank transfer date, and be sure to go through the procedure within two weeks.

Do I need to go through some procedure to switch from the student membership to the regular membership?

No, particular procedure is unnecessary. Select "Regular membership" or "Regular membership (automatic payment)" on the “Select a Membership Category” screen, the next time you pay for your annual membership fee. Until then, you can stay as student member even if you graduate before the end of the fiscal year.

Can I switch my annual fee payment to automatic payment at any time of the year?

No, you can switch to automatic payment only in April of each year. Also, note that automatic payment is unavailable at the first year of the registration. Please choose "Regular membership and Joining fee" for the first year, and choose "Regular membership (automatic payment)" for the second year to switch to the automatic payment from the second year on.

Can student members also use automatic payment for annual membership fee?

No, automatic payment of annual membership fee is only available for regular members. Student members and supporting members have to make the payment each fiscal year.

I make the payments by bank transfer (direct debit). Is it possible to use automatic payment for annual membership fee?

No, we do not accept automatic bank transfer (direct debit) of annual membership fee any more. Please use credit card payment (by PayPal account) if you wish to use automatic payment.

What should I do to cancel the automatic payment?

Discontinuation of automatic payments is available at anytime from your PayPal account. Please refer to "Canceling payments" on the FAQ of PayPal website for details. Otherwise, you can contact us from inquiry form, and we can cancel the automatic payments for you.

I fall behind on my annual membership payment, and my membership status became disabled. What should I do?

If annual membership fee is delinquent for more than one fiscal year, you must pay joining fee in addition to annual membership fee. After logging in, go to "Membership Status" screen under "My Account" menu, and choose “Pay Fees” to go to the "Select a Membership Category" screen. Please select the category that includes joining fee.※We do not accept payments of annual membership fee for the past fiscal years.

I encounter the error during payment at PayPal. What should I do?

▶︎ If you encounter the error on the Society website even if the payment procedure at PayPal website has been completed successfully (you will receive an e-mail with the subject “Payment to The RNA Society of Japan”), please let us know immediately using inquiry form.
▶︎ If you encounter the error when your payment has not been completed at PayPal website (you will not receive an e-mail with the subject “Payment to The RNA Society of Japan”), your credit card will not be charged for the fee, and the “Status: Incomplete” on “Payment History” screen will disappear after two weeks. Please go to “Pay Fees” from the “Membership Status”, and go through the payment procedure again.

I tried to make the payment by using PayPal and received an error message: “You cannot use an email address or card number that belongs to an existing PayPal account…”.

If you already have a PayPal account, please login to make the payment. If you forgot your PayPal ID and/or password, refer to FAQ of PayPal. Please note that if you want to make the payment without logging into PayPal even if you have an account, you must use different e-mail address and card number, which has not been registered in PayPal.

Can supporting members use the credit card for payment?

No, payment by credit card is limited to regular and student members. For supporting members, please use bank transfer for the payment of annual supporting fee.

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