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  • 2020年度第2回「先進ゲノム支援」支援課題の公募のお知らせ


    Written on Tuesday, 14 July 2020 09:16
  • Postdoctoral Research on tRNA Epigenetic Biology

    米国Thomas Jefferson大学のYa-Ming Hou教授がポスドクを募集しています。Hou博士は明るく温かいお人柄で、日本人のポスドクも何人もいたことがあるので、働きやすいと思います。Thomas Jefferson 大学は、フィラデルフィアの中心部(自由の鐘のすぐそば)にあり、住むのには安全で便利な場所です。より詳しく聞きたい方は、直接Hou教授にご連絡されるか(ya-ming.hou[at]、東京都立大学理学部生命科学科准教授 安藤香奈絵(k_ando[at]まで。

    Postdoctoral positions are available with Professor Ya-Ming Hou at Thomas Jefferson University, Sidney Kimmel Medical College. We focus on tRNA epigenetic changes and explore their roles in gene expression at the codon level and in response to cellular stress, which are new concepts at the cutting edge of molecular biology and central dogma. We use a synthetic biology approach with CRISPR/Cas-edited genomes to determine how modifications in tRNA impact cell fitness at the codon level. Our lab is intellectually stimulating and encouraging global networking. 

    Written on Thursday, 02 April 2020 07:42
  • Post-doctoral positions (experimental and computational): Single cell analyses of complete developmental trajectories

    We seek highly motivated postdoctoral scientists (experimental and computational) to investigate the genome regulatory events that drive developmental decisions and their expression. The project is a collaboration between the laboratories of Julie Ahringer (Gurdon Institute) and John Marioni (Cambridge CRUK Institute).

    Written on Monday, 24 February 2020 01:49
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